Photography Workshop at Mirshorai

Sadly most of the submission we received were out of context. But then we took initiatives and saved the event. Now why did that happen ! I have even called one of my student ‘A Cow ‘. He did submit an image with a cowboy and a cow….




Shah Sazzad

I was born in 1959, and graduated (2009) from Pathshala - the South Asian Media Academy and Institute of Photography. I enjoy reading and writing, as well as listening to music, traveling and animals. I have changed my profession innumerable times before photography and now I am in no doubt that here I shall remain. I shall be doing Social documentary. With my perpetual habit of mixing with all classes & generations I do develop an idea, but what are noticeable to me are the extreme gaps between generations and classes in my country. Blending and merging the generation is a challenge but should not be overlooked because the mass needs to be addressed also, and we require them to serve all-purpose especially in nation building and most important mandating our policy maker. I concede that every documentary incorporate the perspective of the photographer. But then I concluded everything constitutional of society, state and policy are perceived

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