WORKSHOP – Wedding Colour Bangladesh


Photography has been, since its birth, and continues to be today, an innovative means of communication. Nothing today lacks a visual presentation of all human activities. And Visuals are probably one of the accomplished way to comprehend them.

“I was asked by Nilesh to design a workshop for HIS TEAM who have gained success in commercial environment and feeling “stuck in their creative cliché “. I decided to take them where they left off …

Street Photography: We wanted more from Street photography knowing that is not a reportage but it is journalistic. And it is not an assigned document to specific subject matter but it is also a document. Here we wanted the others as they are …

Portrait: We decided to take more than a snapshot of somebody’s face. We wanted to capture the essence of a person’s identity. We wanted to make a relationship.

Visualization has been a central topic in Ansel Adams’ writings about photography, where he had defined it as “the ability to anticipate a finished image before making the exposure”

We decided to work it out with a song by #ArnobHariyaGiyechi. Mostly we worked with METAPHORS and CONNOTATIVE  images.